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Customized products for you to earn more tips

Choose your product, customize it as you wish and start earning tips.

A new way to receive money

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Badges and Business Cards

The perfect way to get more tips and keep in touch with your customers is through a personally branded Badge or Business Card. They can scan your MyTipLife QR Code on the badges/business cards and go directly to your profile on to learn more about you and increase your tips and share your profile with others.


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Tip Jars - Establishment

Our Tip Jars are sturdy and durable and perfect for any Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Bar, or other Establishments. You can personalize the Tip Jar to your brand and our QR code take your customers directly to your profile on


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Tip Jars – Artists/Performers

The Artist Tip Jar is unique for many reasons. It is strong and durable and can carry your performance materials and then act as a Tip Jar. You personalize it to your Brand with contact info making you much more professional. The QR code is place on it from your profile allowing your fans to go directly back to your profile for Tips, Updates, and a way to promote you to their friends and family.



Exposure to your exact local audience!

Founders Wall

Your money is all yours.100% of what you earn goes straight to you.

Promo Products

Our Kickstarter package provides personalized products with your business logo and QR code.

Coupon Distribution

Included in our Kickstarter Restaurant Package is coupon distribution direct to your local audience!